Incorporating art in corporate spaces  provides a welcoming environment to visitors and clients, helps communicate business values, and brings life and energy into office spaces and waiting rooms. Art creates a pleasant and inspiring environment in the work space, which has benefits for both employees and clients. A University of Massachusetts survey of companies and employees revealed that 94% of employees felt art enhanced the work environment. 64% felt that it increased creativity and productivity, and 78% felt it reduced stress. Perhaps most interestingly, over 65% felt that art in the workplace help to build customer and community relations.*


Sunny Reynolds Photography seeks to incorporate photography into corporate spaces, and works with clients to create unique image collections that reflect the goals of your business and the vision you have for your space to help make your business beautiful and unique.

* Umass study:

Pediatrics Office

Law Services

Wellness Center

Travel Services


Regional Bank

Images from a Legal Office in Warrenton, VA

To see conceptual designs for various corporations, click on the images below:

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